X Survive Mod APK v1.736 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Name X Survive Mod APK
Publisher Jaspreet Singh
Category Shooting
Version v1.736
Size 181 MB
Requires 5.0 and above

X Survive Mod APK v1.736 (Unlimited Money) Download

X Survive is an arcade game from features aspects of the survivor. Players who play the game will learn about a mystical adventure that took place after a plane crashed on a mysterious island. This will undoubtedly give you a sense of extreme interest while playing.

You must now figure out how to defend yourself from existential enemies. More particular, there are no signs of humans anywhere. Furthermore, there are freak monsters that could strike at any time and harm your player.

X Survive Mod APK

Tragic Accident

When you first enter the game, you will see an aircraft that was randomly fallen by thunder on an island. Just the lead character lasted the disastrous accident that killed all of the passengers.

You're stuck here, and there's nobody other than mutant animals. Mostly in the game, players must assist the lead character in exploring the deserted island and locating the resources required to survive.

Unique Gaming Experience

X Survive is evident to concentrate on controlling three characters in two distinct ways. Its purpose is to retain the character's power and ensure that they accomplish well in given tasks to survive natural risks. The player in the game, in specific, will control aspects such as health, eating, leisure, and warmth.

X Survive Mod APK

If you don't want the characters to become depressed and end up losing their vitality, you must fully fulfill their requirements. The game's controls are also straightforward.

Players only need to tap the virtual buttons on the screen to have their characters appear as they wish. This will free up a lot of time for those who are just starting the game.

Start By Taking on Difficult Tasks

You'll just have to solve mini-puzzles and play gem games in addition to playing existence characters in X Survive. Fit the gathered elements to look for clues and earn desirable prizes while playing the game.

To complete challenging tasks, players must move around, explore space, and interact with the nearby buildings. As a result, look for clues about the island to learn about the secrets that are waiting to be found.

X Survive Mod APK

To use the objects in your supplies, you must first gather them and engage with your environment. This technique can be used to remove obstacles, begin machines, fix electronic wiring, open crates, and so on. From there, a wide variety of data and clues will be revealed to assist players in completing X Survive in the shortest amount of time possible.

Enter a New Arena

In X Survive, players have the option of selecting a new land, or a new location to explore and discover new things. Your dream is to start a new life in a specific area and design your structure.

That wish has been fulfilled and you are now given the ability to carry it out. In particular, the match will allow you to learn new things in this game.

Getting into a new area can be intimidating, so keep your morale up. You should also be familiar with the area and steadily explore it to see whether there are any challenges.

However, each new area will surprise you with beasts and weather conditions that prevent you from adopting. However, the difficult times will complete, allowing you to be optimistic in such adventures.

X Survive Mod APK

Win The Challenges

Major and minor obstacles will inevitably arise, and you must address them conclusively. X Survive will provide you with a map to discover and conquer.

Particularly, when you glance at that map, you will see the landscape of that area, which can help you with your travel needs. Furthermore, the game will give you a variety of necessary weapons with which to fight.

Players will have access to a variety of items required to complete this vast journey. The game offers you various cars to help you explore new locations.

Players can also complete one-of-a-kind wall-firing quests to explore the hidden pits above that area. You will also come across huge, combative demons that attack, so be cautious.

Extend Your Playing Space

Demons will always want to gulp down you at any time, and this is what makes you fearful. You can, even so, use a gun to kill them and make their lives tragic.

People will die if they are harmed, and you will gain useful upgrades. Players use this chance to construct big chains of rooms and even more of the biggest mansions in the area.

You can prevent challenges, conquer your fears, and lead a normal life in that palace. Players could also win thrilling upgrades that massively raise their strength.

X Survive Mod APK

To deal with the challenges, you must also add a number of utilities, such as ways to transport weapons. Particularly, you broaden new areas in order to fully utilize that area. Utilize the chance to claim and control that territory.

X Survive creates interest for you in addition to a solid landscape for you by doing so. Players will have the opportunity to move to new areas and locate new sources of assistance. The most noteworthy thing is that the game will always require you to explore and solidify your own longevity ability in this game.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Crafting
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • No Ads


X Survive is a one-of-a-kind open-world game in which you, as a survivor, decide on what journey you want to embark on. Start exploring the game's unknown paths and build it all from simple houses made of scrap to space-age palaces.

Find materials and make weapons to defend against dangerous creatures, as well as parts to build a house. Take care of your hero while creating, exploring, and surviving.

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