Pascal’s Wager Mod APK + OBB v1.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

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Name Pascal's Wager Mod APK
Publisher Jaspreet Singh
Category Shooting
MOD Features Fully Unlocked . MOD
Version v1.5.3
Size 2.8G
Requires 5.0 and above

Pascal’s Wager Mod APK + OBB v1.5.2 (Unlimited Money)


Pascal’s Wager is a high-paced action role-playing game that immerses the player in a never ending journey. This game is set in a dark environment with a profound storyline that lasts nearly 20 hours. The numerous lighting effects, and the narrator’s voice will take you on an unending adventure. It is about Colossus, the gods who bring light to everyone.

The legends consider that they will appear when the Sun will disappear which brings an eternal darkness to the entire Kingdom. Colossus emits light and finds the land of light for the people. The Colossus are scattered everywhere in different places. For surviving in the dark world, people must follow Colossal and because of this reason they are called the Walking Gods.

Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk


After the complex storyline, Pascal’s Wager has interesting gameplay in which a player will choose his favourite character and then fight with the other characters to explore the game. It will use two characters in the battle. If one character is defeated, you can continue the battle with the other character.

Swapping The Characters

The main character in the game is Terrence. You can choose two characters with different options at the same time. You can take upto two characters and variably switch among them whenever you need.You may also swap the two characters whenever you want. This feature gives you flexibility in choosing the right tactics for the region.

Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk

Intuitive Game Controls

Pascal's Wager has a familiar control system in which the player will use a joystick on the left side to control the character moving while using the skills such as gliding, slashing, blocking with the keys on the right side. The HP and mana is displayed by the two bars below the screen. The console is designed in an elegant way.

Amazing Characters of Pascal’s Wager

The vivid characters are involved in the gameplay. The main character is Terrence who lost his wife. Terrence is a knight who is a postman expelled from the Church for sins in the past. He stumbled upon a clue for the downfall of Colossus. He set out to search for the mystery about Colossus and found his missing wife.

Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk

 Viola is a gunner and she joins Terrence but she never reveals the secret of what mystery she had. Norwood is a mysterious assassin with a mask.Norwood saved Terrace when they both were in Adamina. Benita is a monk who can use magic. She is the only friend of Terrence.

The storyline of Pascal’s Wager is undoubtedly one of the best games because the whole pickup controls more than 20 hours of narration. The sun disappeared and the Colossus helped the people to get out of darkness but was mysteriously attacked by the Marred. Colossus disappears , so the roleplay of Terrence will perform activities.

Intense Battles

Pascal's Wager is not just limited to searching for game items. Terrence was a postman and in search of Colossus and his wife, he must interact with the powerful opponents. The robust warfare will occur multiple times with multiple battle formats in different tools. The gameplay is designed like a movie script which makes it interesting.

Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk

Pascal’s Wager Mod APK

Pascal’s Wager MOD APK is a modded version of the game with amazing soundtracks and sound effects. The attractive and entertaining gameplay has intuitive controls. The modded version of the game has more enchanting features which is compatible with Android and iOS.

Pascal’s Wager Mod APK Features

  • Pascal’s Wager MOD APK gives you unlimited money and coins.
  • You will get all the levels unlocked for you.
  • All game modes will be unlocked for you.
  • There will be no interruption of ads in your game.So, you can enjoy your battle fights smoothly.
  • Pascal’s Wager MOD APK gives you unlimited items in the game.
Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk
  • You will also get limitless gems in the game.
  • Pascal’s WagerMOD APK is absolutely free of cost on Google Play Store.
  • You can unlock all the game characters and heroes.
  • You can explore various places and get the mystery of land . You will be able to bring back the hope to reach light.
  • The game has easy control options with high quality graphics.
  • No root is required to install Pascal’s Wager MOD APK on your device.
  • Pascal’s Wager MOD APK is absolutely safe and secure to install.
  • The game has marvellous graphics that will enhance your interest towards the gameplay.

How to Install Pascal’s Wager Mod APK On Androids?

Follow these instructions to install the fascinating application on androids:

Pascal’s Wager Mod Apk
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for the game.
  • Click on the Pascal’s Wager MOD APK download button from the play store.
  • The file will automatically start downloading once you click.
  • Check your device settings and allow the game to be installed.
  • You Open the file and follow the instructions given to you.
  • Play the game and enjoy the exciting resources with the MOD version of this game.
  • Become a Source to bring light Explore the game!


Is Pascal’s Wager worth playing?

Pascal’s Wager is an epic adventure game and honestly the most hardcore title ti experience on Android. The engaging features of this game just makes it more mysterious.

How long is Pascal’s Wager ?

There is a lot to admire in Pascal’s Wager but you can complete this game in approximately 20 hours.

Can I play Pascal’s Wager offline?

Yes you can play this game in offline mode as well which means that you will always not require internet connection to explore the game. You can play it anywhere and anytime.


Pascal’s Wager is an epic challenging game set in a world of dark fantasy. Step in the shoes of Couriers, as they discover the tale behind the mysterious Dark Mist. This stylish action RPG game is covered with a black fog and the people go crazy after watching all this disaster. You have to understand the circumstances and save mankind from the chaos. Be a saviour and explore the game!

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