Oceanhorn Mod APK v1.1.8 Download [Unlimited Money]

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Name Oceanhorn Mod APK
Publisher Jaspreet Singh
Category Shooting
Version v1.1.8
Size 240 MB
Requires 4.1 and above

Oceanhorn Mod APK v1.1.6 Download (Unlimited Money)

Ocean horn employs the most unique and well-known ideas in the RPG genre to delight and amuse players with every aspect of its gameplay. The main attraction is that it is inspired by The Legend of Zelda game series, so riddles, hurdles, boss fights, and much more are all loaded with unending excitement to keep players entertained. On top of that, but it can interact to an outer gamepad to improve everyone's gaming performance in the most difficult situations.

The Father Who Has Disappeared

The hero of this game is a small boy. When he awakens one day, he finds that his father has disappeared, leaving him with a pendant and directions to find a master who can instruct him and tell him about strange legends. His father doesn't really actually disappear. His wife had previously been eaten by the sea monster Ocean horn, and he was eager to learn more about it. When the time came, he began to kill the sea monster while making certain that no one was affected. Will the child be capable of achieving his fate? He still has a chance to find his father, but he has no idea whether he is alive or dead.

Oceanhorn Mod APK


Ocean horn’s narrative has many exciting yet simple trends as it deals with world to change or end times caused by marine creatures. Based on these conditions, players must devise their voyage, meet new people, look for goods, and explore the relics. Furthermore, boss battles are indeed epic and will open up far more new progress across the player's strenuous but important plight.

The planet is designed in an unending but sensible manner to keep players running and searching for mysteries. For every spot appears on huge islands in the middle of a big ocean, and players must move constantly through the adventure mode to unravel the mysteries. The world will evolve dramatically depending on the player's progress in order to either realize the surroundings or broaden everyone's experience.

Ocean horn’s fighting gameplay is also simple and user-friendly. However, the most essential part is the player's connection with the environment in to resolve the issue or open up a new path. Everything is beautiful and vibrant, and players can even use rare items or weapons to defeat beasts or initiate mechanisms. The voyage will have a fair bit of leisure potential thanks to that thrilling control element, while also introducing many new ideas to the role-playing adventure genre.

Oceanhorn Mod APK

Evolved Weapons or Techniques

The adventure style is known for gradually unlocking enhanced features for the player through special items or powers. Players must now constantly explore the remains, collect power-ups, and eventually use them for a worthy purpose to save the world from shadows. Furthermore, they can use them in battle against specific enemies, making the fight more thrilling than ever.

Incredible Connection With Gentle Control System

The character's motion is controlled by a touch area in the lower left corner of the screen, and there is a contact button (attack button) and an accessible item pouch in the lower right corner of the screen. The game also includes other key aspects, such as an upgrade system. You will earn different items and gold based on how frequently you kill beasts. Each of this is one of the basic aspects you can do to improve your character's strength and equipment.

Oceanhorn Mod APK

Mini Games with Superb Perks

Ocean horn’s mini-games are entertaining and cheerful because they incorporate ideas from people's everyday lives. They also offer numerous lavish perks for players who efficaciously collect the rarest items, and starting to move between islands opens up many new prospects. The intriguing thing is that as players open up new types of vehicles, they can use amusing weapons to strike or defend themselves from the sparse monsters.

Features of The Oceanhorn Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money

If you download Ocean horn MOD APK you will get Unlimited Money for free and from that you can purchase anything from the purchase store like characters, weapons etc. for free.

  • Unlimited Health

In MOD version of the game, you will get unlimited health after that you will not worry about your character health.

Oceanhorn Mod APK

  • No Ads

In MOD version of this game there is no ad came between the game so you can enjoy the game without ad.

  • Unlock all premium Features

In MOD version of this game, you will get all premium features unlocked for free.

How to Download and Install Ocean Horn Mod APK on Android ?

• To begin, download Install Ocean horn Mod APK using the links provided in the download button.
• Tap on the Ocean Horn Mod APK file to install it and allow the rights.
• Ocean horn Mod APK installation for Android will take a few seconds, following which you can begin playing the game.


Ocean horn is an intriguing role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of a living child who, after a long period of time without receiving a letter from their father, embarks on their own adventure, along which the father's trail is damaged all the path to the final adventure. In the journey, players will come across a variety of organs and monsters, and they must use their own intellect to avoid all difficulties.

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