Lonewolf Mod APK v1.2.99 (Premium All Unlocked)

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Name Lonewolf Mod APK
Publisher Jaspreet Singh
Category Shooting
MOD Features Fully Unlocked . MOD
Version v1.2.99
Size 64 MB
Requires 5.1 and above

Lonewolf Mod APK v1.2.99 (Premium All Unlocked)

The game conclusively achieved the target shooting stage, or the knock-door scene, in which the player lashed into the scary room to fight. LONEWOLF assigns players as assassins with deals worth millions of dollars. You can kill someone irrespectively of whether they are a good or bad person.

Even though you, a gristle and blood person, handle the character, you will be the one who will decide on how to deal with these deals. Tightening or not tightening the trigger, selecting a target, killing the innocent and the earned cash will all result in you and the mystical character carrying a tragic past.


A hitman requires tasks and deals to complete. The LONEWOLF has 30 different task kinds ranging from simple to tough. Your mission consists primarily of killing and murder. Players will dig themselves far away from the attacker and use shotguns to bring the target down.

Lonewolf Mod APK

Those hired to kill can be either good or bad, relying on who hires you. You have the option of agreeing to make money or refusing. LONEWOLF is a game that concentrates not only on sniper phases but also on scenes in which the player approaches the target and presses the enemy with an assault weapon or rifle.

While players no longer have a long-term benefit or a safe position, the excitement level rises. Death is now wholly reliant on the player's agility and abilities, resulting in unusual and mysterious moments. If you finish the task successfully, you will be rewarded and build credibility. If your mission fails, your credibility will suffer and you will not get any compensation.

The gully focuses on you using guns to take down targets. There are knobs on the screen that allow you to modify the gun. Proceed to the gun's center with your left finger. Choose the bullet button to pull the trigger when the consciousness has just hit the target. If you run out of bullets, you must choose a bullet refill key.

Furthermore, if you fail to see adequate goals, you can adjust your view by clicking the plus or minus icons on the screen. Striving at the head is the most precarious situation with the aim, and the suspect will die immediately. Because other positions, like the legs and arms, end up losing less blood, a gunshot may not kill the person.

Addictive Missions:

The game includes a variety of missions in which you must demonstrate your intellectual and shooting abilities. That's not easy to win this game; you're up against radical terrorists, smuggling, and a slew of other dangerous characters. They are constantly expanding the area by placing multiple lands in, which will result in a major issue if they are not shot at moment.

Lonewolf Mod APK


Killing people necessitates the use of weapons, so you select a gun to carry out killing missions. LONEWOLF possesses a total of 20 different types of firearms, including revolvers, machine gun rifles, and assault rifles. You should select the appropriate gun based on the features of each mission. Whether the aim is in the street, the car, or the house, you must use your combat training skills to aim for the most incredible shot.

Enjoy a 5-Hour Story:

You must endure it not an epic journey, and death and destruction are needed when going to join LONEWOLF. This game has a variety of game modes that will provide you with a variety of remarkable experiences—an addictive and dangerous game when you feel like you're trying to enter this exciting fight. In story missions, players will devise various beneficial methods to defeat the enemy, and the contest will last for five hours.

Large Numbers of Quests and Related Wars are Difficult:

Throughout this world of crime groups, there isn't a thing like peace. You are also a member of a gang that engages in numerous wars. Despite your motivation, you are a ruthless assassin in everyone's eyes. Numerous battles have erupted in this game, and you might be the one who will start them. Large numbers of epic quests about to levels will be ongoing. You will also be fighting many brutal conflicts by yourself.

Lonewolf Mod APK

Separate The Entire Criminal Organization:

Criminal organizations cause highly public issues such as bomb blasts, smuggling, and criminal activities. Criminal organizations are detrimental to the peace and unity of any community or nation. You have careers in the game as the spur enemy's character to create peace and order among the members of the town. To accomplish this, you must decimate all hazardous critical organizations.

Fulfill Your Trophy Cabinet:

LONEWOLF will give complete challenges to enhance your assassination experiences, which you can take on at any moment, and also have fun with the amazing mobile gameplay. Finish the game with even more than 40 trophies in your Trophy cabinet. Gain a large number of amazing rewards, or merely show off your achievements to your friends.

Lonewolf Mod APK

Mod Features of Lonewolf Mod APK

  • Mini Games:

In the MOD version of the game, there are free mini-games available. You don’t have to pay for it.

  • Unlocked gameplay:

On our webpage, we now have an unrestricted and unlocked version of LONEWOLF. The game includes numerous in-game features as well as numerous playable experiences.

  • AD Free:

There will be no irritating advertisements to distract you while you play. You would be able to use all of this for free.



This game is extremely addictive because you must hit your targets. You receive notification from your mission recipient that you have been allotted a mission. Because once you begin, there are a few things you need to know to play this game like a champ. The first mission is free, and you can brutally murder as many foes as you want. Whereas battling the enemy, you can earn money and XP points.

The free trial will assist you in determining the true purpose of the mission and determine whether it is worth your time and money to play. There are numerous other options available, such as earning money through quests, fighting against evil elements, and so on. After you finish the first mission, the following missions in the sequence will cost you more money and complete.

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