Clash Of Clans Characters

Clash of Clans Characters

Clash of Clans is a diverse and amazing game. With its different features, intense game play, and planning strategy, the game provides players an amazing experience. The game comes with a huge range of characters and troops. These characters are diverse and have special abilities.

Players need to progress through the game and unlock the characters to use them in their game. This creates a competition among players to play and unlock all the characters. To make things easy for you, I have listed all the characters here in this article. Without wasting time, let's begin.

All Characters of Clash of Clans

There are different types of characters in Clash of Clans. The troops are categorized in different types. Here is the list of all the troops the game comes with.

Elixir Troops

  • Barbarian
  • Archer
  • Giant
  • Goblin
  • Wall Breaker
  • Balloon
  • Wizard
  • Healer
  • Dragon
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Baby Dragon
  • Miner
  • Electro Dragon
  • Yeti (Yetimite)
  • Dragon Rider

Temporary Troops

  • Ice Wizard
  • Battle Ram (Barbarian)
  • Pumpkin Barbarian (Barbarian)
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Skeleton Barrel (Skeleton)
  • El Primo
  • Party Wizard
  • Royal Ghost
Clash Of Clans Characters

Dark Elixir Troops

  • Minion
  • Hog Rider
  • Valkyrie
  • Golem (Golemite)
  • Witch (Skeleton)
  • Lava Hound (Lava Pup)
  • Bowler
  • Ice Golem
  • Headhunter

Super Troops

  • Super Barbarian
  • Super Archer
  • Super Giant
  • Sneaky Goblin
  • Super Wall Breaker
  • Rocket Balloon
  • Super Wizard
  • Super Dragon
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Super Minion
  • Super Valkyrie
  • Super Witch
  • Ice Hound

There are two more troops that are available in the game. These troops are not included in the above mentioned troops as they are different. The first is the Skeleton troop that is unlocked by the Skeleton spell that is the fourth dark spell. The second is Bat. The Bat is unlocked by the Bat spell which is the fifth and final dark spell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hero in Clash of Clans?

The best hero without any doubt is the Archer Queen. It might sound unfair to give this title to Archer Queen but she deserves this title. Archer Queen not only attacks the ground troops she also attacks the enemy in the air.

What is the largest troop in Clash of Clans?

One of the largest troops over all and one of the strongest troops in Clash of Clans is Electro Dragon. Its attack is so strong that it works in a chain and the attack can easily destroy multiple buildings in one hit. Electro Dragon army can take a high level base alone if used correctly.

Who is the fastest troop in Clash of Clans?

Bat or Night Witch is the fastest troop in Clash of Clans. It has 57 in-game speed. The internal speed of Bat is 700 more than any other troop in the game and an amazing speed in tiles/second of 7. Its speed is so fast that other troops can’t even come any way near it.

Final Words

Clash of Clans comes with a diverse range of characters. These characters have their own unique way of fighting and unique abilities. Keeping a track of every character the game provides is not easy. To resolve your problem we have described every character from Clash of Clans in this article.

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