Mod APK v4.9.2(Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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Name Mod APK
Publisher Jaspreet Singh
Category Shooting
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Version v4.9.2
Size 98 MB
Requires 5.1 and above
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In players can expect rather straightforward and easy gameplay in the game, yet it ends up being very pleasant and captivating. You'll be taking part in a thrilling battle as a waterslide champion against compelling rivals. To win and gather those abundant golds, try to be the first person to finish the race.

Perform a variety of engaging skilled abilities as you dash forward and do amazing slides to get past obstacles. Throughout, by bashing on their edges as they slide beside you, you can also eliminate your rivals from the contest. You'll be the one blowing off the rails if you don't do it. Mod Apk

Sliding Race is So Entertaining

The water slide game is undoubtedly familiar to you if you've visited a water park previously. generally uses the same gameplay mechanics as that game. You will compete in a competition with other players to find out who dropped into the water below first, which is where the game differs from reality.

The slides here are uniquely made; from top to bottom, they feature numerous spiral patterns. You can entirely fall on the lower and nearer finish line by being tossed out of the slide and expertly managing it. Furthermore, don't be scared to push your competitor, as doing so will cause them to go off the track and you'll win.

Unique Waterslide Gameplay

When you make your way to success, you'll find yourself taking on incredible waterslide difficulties. Just use simple touch controls to navigate your characters around with ease, avoiding obstacles and eliminating opponents. There would also be a heck of a lot of fascinating levels available for you to play when you have the time. So don't pass them up. Mod Apk

As you overcome major hurdles on your perfect slide in, find yourself savoring the game's entertaining and entertaining levels. But instead of seeing it as a drawback, you can quickly change your drawbacks into benefits by shrewdly using the challenges to your benefit.

Use the offered stomping option to propel them into the air or force them to crash on the pebbles. Often, you even can push them out of the racetrack and stop their races.

On the opposing side, in some circumstances, you could wish to trick your way out of the difficulties as you fall off the track to hunt for a smooth landing to make it up for the vast distances in between you and the top sliders.

Modify Your Characters as You Like

You can always choose from a variety of modifications that are offered in the game if you're interested in customizing your in-game experiences. Start by putting on new clothes that will make you appear really intriguing. For more amusing adventures, alter your player's profiles. Or learn new diving techniques as you progress through the game. In fact, you can alter your characters' appearance to match their new gender. Mod Apk

Finish Tasks to Earn Rewards

Players are also permitted to search for several goals they can achieve while completing the game's levels, which will make the experience more rewarding. Feel free to perform various in-game tasks as you earn exclusive goodies that aren't even available for purchase with real money.

Don't Ever Be Overconfident

Don't really think that you're a hero despite the fact that this game ignores the rules of physics in the area of vertical change. The slides can only assist you in moving a short distance and hovering for a little period of time as you fly out of it. If you do not want to free fall, don't shoot at opponents that are too far away.

Hit other Players During Race

The longest water slides in the world are available to players when they take part in the competition at a water park. The route is rather short and there aren't many curves in the early going. Consequently, the relocation will be a little simpler. Because other players are around, participants do not lose concentration. Mod Apk

They will do all in their power to defeat you or push you to death because they likewise want to be the first to arrive at their destination and claim the ultimate victory. Use the criteria that show up on the map in real-time to follow your precise location. A bar depicts your progress in terms of distance, and a sequence number represents where you are in the race.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • All levels Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Free Shopping
  • Endless Gameplay


In action will take place in a sizable park with waterslides, steep drops, and potentially hazardous terrain. A player that controls must go down the water slide before any competitors. The player must Smash enemies during the drop to make them travel farther.

If this isn't done, the rivals themselves will eliminate the race's character. Players will be able to engage with the passage on a constant basis because of the dynamic gameplay.


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